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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?. 1

How do I login?. 1

What happens if I forgot my password?. 1

How do I use the control panel once I am logged in?

How do I create a listing?

How do I feature a listing?

How do I delete an existing listing?. 1

How do I advertise on FindMore?. 1


How do I sign up?

In order to sign up, click on the following link: http://www.findmore.co.za/signup.php and simply follow the instructions.

NB!!! Once you have signed up, you must check your email for an activation email. You will need to follow the instructions in this email.

You can also simply log in by using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live Account. Simply go to http://www.findmore.co.za/login.php and select the social account you wish to log in with:

Once you have logged in using this method, you will be directed straight to the User Control Panel.

How do I login?

Use the username and password that you registered with and fill out the login form found on the top right hand side of the website. Once you have entered your credentials, click on the login button as highlighted in the image below:

What happens if I forgot my password?

Simply go to: http://www.findmore.co.za/password_forgot.php and type in your username and an email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email.

How do I use the control panel once I am logged in?



  1. “Control Panel” – Select this to return to the control panel
  2. “My Profile” – Select this to update your profile
  3. “Password” – select this to modify your password
  4. “My Webpage” – select this to create your own web page within http://www.findmore.co.za, this link can then be sent to your clients or friends etc.
  5. “Save Vouchers” – select this if you would like to make vouchers available to potential customers who visit http://www.findmore.co.za, these will be enabled via “My Voucher Listings”
  6. “Videos” – here you can upload your Youtube Videos
  7. “Become Local Author” – select this if you would like to post articles on http://www.findmore.co.za, it is subject to approval. All articles are also subject to approval before they are visible to site visitors etc.
  8. “My Articles” – select this to write an article (remember, once you submit the article, it will shown on the website only if approved by the site administrator.
  9. “My Leads” – this is used to receive leads directly to your email address
  10. “My Car Listing” – select this to list a vehicle
  11. “My Classifieds” – select this to list a classified (classifieds are currently free)
  12. “My Voucher Listings” - select this if you would like to make vouchers available to potential customers who visit http://www.findmore.co.za
  13. “My Directory Listing” – select this to list your business
  14. “My Events Listing” – select this to list an event
  15. “My Garage Sales” – select this to list an event
  16. “My Hotels” – select this feature to list your hotel, lodge, b&b etc.
  17. “My Jobs” – select this to post a job
  18. “My Job Seeks” – select this to post a position you are interested in
  19. “My Nightlife” – select this to list a club, bar, social gathering etc.
  20. “My Real Estate” – select this to list your property, house, rental etc.
  21. “My Restaurants” – select this to list your restaurant


How do I create a listing?

  • Log into your account and go to the user Control Panel

  • Select the category of listing you would like to add:
    • “My Car / Motorbike Listings” for vehicles
    • “My Classifieds Listings” for classifieds
    • My Voucher Listings” for vouchers
    • “My Events Listing” to list and event
    • “My Garage Sale” to list a garage sale
    • “My Hotels” to advertise your hotel
    • “My Jobs” to advertise jobs (Recruitment Agencies)
    • “My Job Seeks” if you are looking for a specific job
    • “My Nightlife” for clubs, bars etc...
    • “My Real Estate” for houses, apartments’, renting etc… (Real Estate Agents)
    • “My Restaurants” to advertise your restaurants

Once you have selected a category, you will be able to view any existing items that you have previously listed in that category as well as be able to “Add New” as circled in the image below.

Once you select “Add New” you will be presented with a number of items for which you will have to enter details for. Please note that each category will have its own number of mandatory fields which are highlighted by a little Asterisk*
During you listing, you will have the option to select whether you wish to make your listing a “Featured Listing”


How do I feature a listing?

While listing you will be presented with an option to “Make This Listing Featured”, once you select the checkbox, you will see the following:

You will need to select the amount of days you wish to feature your listing. Based on the period you select, your listing will be above all other non-featured listings within the respective category as well as be displayed on the “Scroll Bar” at the top of every page of the website.
What are the BENEFITS of featuring your listing?

Your listing will get more exposure that non featured listings, hence your featured listing will allow you to sell your product or service much faster than a non-featured listing.

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, you must select “Submit” at the bottom of the page; you will be presented with the following:

Select the “Listing Price” dropdown list and select the period for which you would like to list:

If you have selected to feature your listing as well as your listing period the total payment that will need to be made will be in the “Total: ZAR*” field:

How do I delete an existing listing?

  • Log into your account and go to the user Control Panel

  • Select the category of listing you would like to delete
  • Find the particular listing you are looking to delete and click on the “Delete” button as circled in the image below:


How do I advertise on FindMore?

FindMore offers a variety of advertising campaign options, including:

  • Banners
  • Emails
  • Leads
  • Featured Listing / Scroll Bar
  • Website

To submit your advertising request, email us at advertise@findmore.co.za


What is Banner Advertising?

The Findmore website receives thousands of visitors from all over South Africa who want to buy and sell items on the website. All this traffic presents the opportunity for businesses to advertise themselves on the Findmore website for these prospective buyers to see their advertisements. We have allocated specific sections on our website for businesses to advertise their advertisements banners. These media offerings include:

  • 728x90 - Site header
  • 728x90 - Site Footer
  • 336x280 - Center of Home Page
  • 160x600 - Left Side Banner Top
  • 160x600 - Left Side Banner Bottom

(The aforementioned areas are highlighted in the diagram below)

When selecting the location you wish to place your banner, you can also choose whether or not you would like your banner to show on the entire website or only on a specific category so that your banner impressions are used up on targeted audience. These categories are:

  • Classifieds
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels
  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Auto
  • Restaurants
  • Nightlife
  • Business Directory

The media offering which you select will be advertised for 1000 impressions.

Banner (site header)

728 x 90

R 599

Site Footer

728 x 90

R 199

Centre of Home Page

336 x 280

R 599

Left Side Banner

160 x 600

R 299

On submission of your advertising campaign request, you will receive a link to the “Customer stats” page for your on-going monitoring purposes.


As FindMore has a large base of clients / customers, we provide you with an opportunity to send a mass email detailing your advertising campaign to our existing clients / customers.
Simply send an email request to advertise@findmore.co.za for pricing information.


How do Findmore clients use this system?

Firstly, the information that the Findmore client requires from a quote seeker in order to be able to successfully quote the individual, needs to be determined. Findmore will create the necessary landing page and associate the Findmore client with this page in order to receive any submissions it generates via email. The client is then able to quote the quote seeker.

The Findmore client will be able to log into the control panel and click on “My Leads” to access and administer their leads…

The client will also be able to view the following information:

  • Cost Per Lead (this displays the amount the client will be charged per lead)
  • Leads Limit (this displays the limit that has been set with respect to the amount of leads the client can generate)
  • Current Leads Count (this displays the amount of leads that have been generated at a point in time)
  • Leads Cost Total (this displays the total cost of all the leads generated so far)
  • Leads Cost Paid (this displays the total amount of funds added by the client)
  • Due (this displays the total amount of funds outstanding by the client)
  • Remaining Fund (this displays the total amount of funds remaining of the clients fund)

The Findmore client will also be able to “Pay Due” or “Add Funds” in this section as well as track the status of all submissions received and the relevant details pertaining to submissions.

Note: Despite the fact that all new submissions are moderated by an administrator, the client will still be able to dispute an invalid lead. If the lead is deemed to be invalid, the lead will be reversed.

What is the Local Quotes service?

A good example of this would be someone seeking a car insurance quote. They would search for “car insurance quotes” on Google, for example, and one of the returned results will be on www.findmore.co.za
Once the quote seeker clicks on the link, they will be directed to the landing page and will need to fill in all the necessary information the Findmore client requires from them.

Once all the information is filled out, the quote seeker will click the “Submit” button. This information will in turn be emailed to the Findmore client and a “lead” is generated.

Submit an email to advertise@findmore.co.za to join the FindMore lead programme whereby FindMore will create a landing page specific to your product/service. Each landing page is allocated a distribution list which will automatically send you email updates on potential leads.
Note: A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement

Featured Listings / Scroll Bar

When creating a listing, you have the option to feature your listing which will result in the following:

  • Your listing will appear at the top of the non-featured listings of your category; and
  • Your listing will appear in the scroll bar for the specified number of days.


3 Days

R 69.00

1 Week

R 119.00

1 Month

R 219.00

Username: Password:


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